The Ameril Philosophy

Firstly, "The Ameril Philosophy," is my idea, that is all it is.

Is it True, that is for you to Think about and decide for yourself. It is to be Thought about, maybe discussed, rather than argued about.

One of it purposes is to enlighten, inspire and uplift those who read it. It is unimportant to me whether you agree or disagree with some or all of it. What is important to me is that you have Thought about it and come to your own conclusions and Know why in your own words if it is True or untrue. This is why many sentences and statements are followed by a question mark meaning, "What do you Think?" Then you will Know for yourself the Truth, rather than, "
believing" what someone else has told you. The word, "Belie ve," is made of three words. To, "be" is a state of existence, between life and living, death and extinction, with survival in the middle. A, "lie" is something that is untrue or false, and, "eve", is Greek for, "Life". So, to do what I, "believe," is to, "Live a Lie," to do what I Know, is to, "Live the Truth." So, everything I have ever been told to, "Believe," is untrue? By Thinking we raise our own consciousness and that radiates out and raises everyone else's? To me, that is more important than whether you agree or disagree with what it says.

Whatever you decide is True, do it and find out for yourself, then you will Know if it is True for you?

The Ameril Philosophy looks at the idea that there are three ways of explaining the Truth, Religions, Science and Spiritualism, and that running through all of them is the, "Golden Thread of Truth?" So, is there a, "Golden Thread of Truth", if so, what is it and is it the Truth? Well, the Religious Principle that, "I reap what I sow," and the Scientific Principle called, "The Law of cause and Effect," are different ways of explaining the Spiritual Principle of, "Karma?" Therefore they do share the same Principle, but from different perspectives? If these Principles are True, then they must be True for everyone, all of the time, without exception?

Therefore, "If I reap what I sow," then this means that, "What I Think and put my attention on, is what happens, what I do or say to others, others will do and say to me," and I have created my own Reality, because I caused it to happen and these are the effects? As I have created my own Reality, then I must always get what I deserve?

This means I have three options;

1) I can consciously, (With Knowledge of the consequences of my Thoughts and actions), create the Reality I want?

2) And / or, subconsciously (Without any Knowledge of the consequences of my thoughts and actions), create the Reality I do NOT want?

3) And / or subconsciously, create the Reality that others want me to create for their benefit at my expense, through the media, Religions and Science?

These are my three choices and they are also yours. I am responsible for everything that ever has, is or will happen to me.

I unable to blame anyone or anything that has, is or will happen to me, because I created it all, and so do you?

The Ameril Philosophy consists of six chapters.

Chapter One is in Booklet One and the others are in the second booklet, which are available to download from, free of charge, because I Think that Knowledge is free, it is beliefs that I pay for?

This Knowledge was freely given to me along with everything I needed and need to do to complete my message and mission. How that happened is explained is within, "The Ameril Philosophy."

Chapter One, "Karma, Religions and Spiritual Philosophies,"discusses ideas on how to create the Reality I want, rather than the one I do NOT want, or allowing others to create my Reality for me, for their benefit at my expense and that, "Enlightenment," is Knowing this is True? This chapter also explains how I can create the Reality I want, rather than the one I do
"not" want.


Page 7) Chapter Two, "Matter, Light and Thought, or E=mc³," discusses Isaac Newtons three laws concerning the conservation of momentum and Einstein's Theory of Relativity
from a different perspective, and why Thought is a 1-dimensional form of energy. This chapter explains why light emits from a point source as a sphere, rather than a circle, and why matter travels in ever increasing spirals rather than circles, which is what E=mc² suggests. Also, when I was at a talk given by a quantum physicist, he said there are three phenomena that they are unable to explain, but I Think I have, they are in this chapter. If the mathematics in it are too much, just read the words, there is some interesting ideas within them.

Page 31) The idea behind Chapter Three, "If Love is all there Really is, then Making some more must be a Loverly idea?", is that making love instead of having sex, is a Spiritual experience. The reason I say this is because, making love ought to make both partners happy, they will then be happier with those they meet and who in the future will be happier with them? If they then respond in a happy or positive way, then that is what will keep coming back to them? When they start to run out of love to give away, they can get together and make some more love to radiate out from them to others, and raise both theirs and other people consciousness, just by being happy? Brilliant idea?

Page 41) Chapter 4 is called, "Shelise's Message," and is about her near death experience and her after death telepathic conversation with me!

Page 52) Chapter 5 is called, "Why The Ameril Philosophy," the contents of which are self explanatory.

Page 55) Chapter 6 is about the author and how I have consciously changed since reading, "You can Heal your Life.", by Louise L. Hay in 1999.

In my opinion, the idea that, "I always reap everything I sow, create my own Reality and always get what I deserve, and so does everyone else," and that making love is a great way to raise both my own happiness and consciousness, whilst radiating love out for the benefit of others, makes sense to me, but what do you Think?

So, the big question, is, "The Ameril Philosophy," True? Well, that is for you to Think about and decide for yourself. The easiest way to find out if it is True, is to live it and see what
happens, because then you will Know for yourself. Whatever conclusion you arrive at, is your Truth, it is as simple as that?

I Trust that your God, or your own questions about the Truth has lead you read the Ameril Philosophy, because somewhere in it, is something for you. Others who learn in a different way will be lead down a different path and that is excellent. Everyone sees the game of Life from their own perspective and each of us has our own, but it is still the same game?

Awareness Means Everything Real Is Love.

To print out the Ameril Philosophy as an A5 booklet, after downloading either of the two files; click on print, then click on properties, then page setup, then scroll down to booklet and highlight, click on specify, then click OK three times. After the printer has printed one side, follow your on screen instructions for printing on the other side of the paper. This will require 15 pages of A4 paper. If you just ask to print the Ameril Philosophy it will use 59 sheets of A4 paper.

Wishing you a Universe full of Love and Happiness.

steve molyneux

The Ameril Philosophy

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